Book 1 - What Is "The Church"? -- INDEX
Is it possible
today to be the church established by Jesus Christ? The church is the fulfillment of Christ's life and work--the fruit of His mission in the world. A biblical understanding of the church, therefore, is crucial to faithful Christian living and service. In this first of a series of studies on the church, Eddie Cloer urges a return to the Bible itself to define and examine the basic nature of "the church."

Book 2 - God's Design for "The Church?" -- INDEX
As the one prized possession
of Jesus Christ, the church must be a focal point of the Christian's life, message, and mission. In Book 2 of his series, Eddie Cloer draws attention to how Christ established the church and how the Scriptures define and describe it. By examining the illustrations provided by the Holy Spirit, we can come to a better understanding of God's design and intention for the New Testament church.

About the Author

Eddie Cloer attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas; Oklahoma Christian in Oklahoma City; and Harding Graduate School of Bible and Religion in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Ministry degrees. His doctoral thesis focused upon evangelistic preaching.

Having begun his preaching career at age fifteen, he has preached the gospel for thirty-four years, serving congregations in Clarksville, Hot Springs, and Blytheville, Arkansas. He has preached in more than 750 gospel meetings in thirty-five states of the USA, London, England, Singapore, and the Ukraine.

Cloer teaches Bible and preaching classes at Harding University. Since 1981, Cloer has edited and published Truth for Today, a monthly publication for preachers and teachers. In December 1990, with World Bible School teachers and the Champions church of Christ in Houston, Texas, Cloer began the Truth for Today Printed Preacher School. Its expository Bible studies assist 3,500 preachers and teachers around the world. These men are bringing as many as 80,000 to Christ each year.

Cloer is married to the former Susan Finn. They have two children, Teresa and Steve.