This picture was taken of the children and adults that rode the Joy Buses to bible class and worship one Sunday morning in about 1975 .   During the 70's and early 80's the church had an active bus ministry which eventually grew to the point of bringing about 80 children to services on three Joy buses.   The Joy Bus teams each ran their route three times each week, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.  The children were taught bible lessons, facts, and sang many bible songs as they traveled to the church building and as they returned home.  Those pictured  (from the front by the bus) are:  Becky Weaver, Brenda Weaver, Diana, Weaver, Linda Ellis (teacher and co-captain), Maxine Goodwin (secretary), Ollie Cross, Judy Stewart (teen helper), Connie Cloer (teen helper), who is holding Jessna Godwin, Mark Goodwin, Barbara Goodwin, John Stewart, Bonnie Smith (teacher and co-captain), holding daughter Robbie Smith, Bobby Smith (captain and driver), Dalton Loe (bus driver),  Ann Lyons (teen helper), Nancy Stewart (teen helper), Nadine Tippitt, Ethel Billingsley, and Gladys Herzog.  Pictured in the shadows along the building wall is, Gene Cloer (preacher).  Unidentified are the three people along side the building and also the children inside the bus at the top of the picture.  Butch Ellis (captain of one of the buses) is not pictured, but probably was the one taking the picture.                                                                                                                                                     
   Joy Bus Team
      and Riders

This picture was taken Jan. 30, 1977.

 First Row -L to R are:
    Patsy Cooper,
    Nancy Daniels,
    Shelly Hastings,
    Rana Buchanan,
    Tammy Tucker,
    Robert Weaver,
    Sissy Tucker,
    Trina Hastings,
    Sue Daniels,
    Bruce Graham,
    Betty Cooper,
    Tasha Seal,
   ?? a guest of the Coopers, Helen Cooper, and Ray Hammons
Second Row - L to R are: Gig Hendrix, Cherie Fort (teen helper), Patrick Blocker, Judy Stewart (teen helper), John Stewart, Diana Weaver, Becky Weaver, Brenda Weaver, Mary Daniels, Mrs. Gladys Herzog, Mrs. Ollie Cross, Linda Ellis (teacher and co-captain), and Butch Ellis (captain and driver).