God Desires Closeness to People
By Paul Robison

      When an unwanted child is born, it is noble to see a couple who is willing to adopt that child and make it a part of their family.  We are trying to better understand Jesusí life and ministry by looking at His world and culture as seen in the four Gospels.  The following thoughts are based on John 1:10-13.  This text presents some astounding truths.  Initially, it declares that Jesus made the world!  Now, for that to be true, Jesus would have be more than a human being; He would have to be a divine being for the Jews always saw God as the worldís Creator!  Secondly, this divine being entered into our world!  The incarnation was miraculous since the Holy Spirit made a Jewish girl pregnant to bear Godís Son.  Thirdly, the Jewish world into which Jesus came did not receive Him.  After the Fall in the Garden of Eden, God worked many centuries to get closer to mankind: He chose the Jewish race; then He dwelt in a temple among them; then He sent prophets to them; then He sent THE PROPHETóHis Son called Jesus (of course, Godís desire for closeness did not end here, for He eventually sent His Spirit to dwell in all believers)!  But the Jewish people, for the most part, rejected the long-awaited Messiah who did not lead them to political world dominance (their concept of what the Messiah would be).  Fourthly, those who believe that Jesus is Godís Son can become Godís adopted children!  No longer is Jewish nationality the requirement to be in Godís family.  Now oneís membership is based on obedient trust.  Fifthly, a person who believes in Jesus is called one who has been born again, a birth that is the result of Godís will.  God wants to be close to you.  Will you let Him, through obedient trust in Jesus?