Bibles for India

Peter Solomon

Report from India................By Buddy Carter......

We are supporting two works in India, which are Peter Solomon and Paul Ranganathan.  India is one of the most populous countries in the world which is predominantly Hindu.  However, many inroads have been made in teaching the gospel there, and the successes have been extraordinary!  The Mobil Gospel Team has traveled to 169 towns, established 149 churches, and baptized over 3000 souls into Christ.  The overall majority of this is done using an old bus as their means of transportation.  The Mobil Medical Team also travels with them and has treated 5,735 patients with 632 of them being baptized.  A hospital called The Faith Hospital has been established in Chennal, India, where medical care is given free to the poor along with the teachings of the gospel.

Other works there include the Bible Hour television program which is broadcast weekly and is heard by thousands of people in India.  For more information, go to

There is also the National Bible College which teaches young men to be preachers where Brother Paul says that 95% of the graduates remain faithful in preaching the Word.
  The most recent graduating class was 57 with some of them already establishing congregations.  For more information, go to: Welcome to National Bible College .

There is also the Little Timothy School for the children and the Dorcus School for the women.  And you can add to the list the daily distribution of Bibles, the teaching of Bible lessons, correspondence courses, and, of course, Gospel Meetings.

"Being a Hindu nation places many hurdles to Christianity in this part of the world, but these hurdles are being overcome daily.
  In the past three months in Arunachal, 75 Hindus have been converted and baptized into Christ.

To quote brother Peter Solomon, “I thank God for your faith and love in Christ, the same is the light and salt on the Indiana mission field, the great commission of our Lord is a never dying mandate because
every sixth man on this earth is from India.”

Thanks for your continued support and prayers.