By:  Georgia Estes
Ken and his older brother, Paddy Kendallball became Christians as young people in Bulowayo, Zimbabwe.  They were active in the youth group at the church of Christ in that city.  During the civil war there in the 70's many of the students in that youth group came to the US and went to Harding....partly to get a Christian education, and partly to avoid the draft. They did not think white minority rule was a cause worth dying for.  While Ken was at Harding he met Judy. He was in Journalism and she was in Education.  They were married in Zimbabwe in about l975, and I was able to be at their wedding.

 Ken and Judy have worked in South Africa for a total of 14 years. They worked in the city of Durban from l988-l996 during the time of raising the children.  When it came time for the children to go to college, the family came back to Harding and bought a house in Searcy.  Judy worked in the field of education, and Ken helped Eddie Cloer in the work of getting materials out to preachers around the world.  They did this for several years, and then decided to go back to Africa about six years ago (2002).

During this round of work they settled in Cape Town and were quite involved with work among the homeless at "The Vineyard."  They used World Bible School material quite heavily and graded it there in the city...making it an effective tool for evangelism.  They also worked at strengthening several of the smaller struggling congregations there in town.  It was during this time that the idea began to be developed to come up with a curriculum that could be used by the government schools to teach ethics using the Bible.  Some Christian ladies in Texas began working on this as their project...and the samples were well received.

Because of the size of South Africa, and the location of where most of the schools were that needed to be serviced with the materials, it became needful for Ken and Judy to move from their friends in Cape Town to a new area in Port Elizabeth.  That is where they are currently working from with the curriculum work.  They also have 10 students staying with them from the "AIM" program.  These are Christian youth from the US who are graduated from high school, but not quite ready to go on to college.  They are wanting to get some life experience and direction as to what they might want to do when they go to college eventually.  These young people help with the work on the curriculum, and do other volunteer works in the community and with the church.

Ken and Judy are very hospitable folks, and their home is often open to travelers coming through the area who are members of the church.  They are always welcomed with a place to sleep and good food to eat.  This past month of December is the end of the school year and the beginning of a long vacation period...and so they have had a break from the curriculum activities and have been doing quite a bit of entertaining the visitors from here in the US, Ukraine, Durban and other places.

The Prescott church began helping them about two or three years ago
( 2006/2007) in the interim period as they wrapped up their work in Cape Town and moved to Port Elizabeth.  We sent them money to assist in that move. At an earlier time we also sent help when Ken needed emergency surgery and had no insurance.  And then, I believe it was last year after their visit here that we decided to step up our support to "regular" because our leaders could see what potential there was in a public school curriculum that would allow Bible stories to be used to teach ethics.  And we pray that this will be successful.

Ken and Judy plan to stay and work as long as the Lord gives them the health and the financial aid to continue there.  They love life there, but get homesick for their kids who are living in the US.  GE

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