Children's Home In Paragould

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By Billy and Vera King

Children’s Homes, Inc. was established in 1955 by members of the 7th and Mueller Church of Christ in Paragould.  To this day, the elders of the 7th & Mueller congregation also serve as the board of directors for Children’s Homes.

Children’s Homes presently cares for about 75 children per month, 36 of whom are cared for in on-campus residential housing.  There are nine cottages on campus, and plans call for construction of a tenth cottage within the next two years.  (Each cottage houses six children, two cottages serve as full-time “relief cottages.”  New houseparents were due to arrive in July, 2008,  so probably between 12 & 16 more children will be added to that number in a few months.

Children’s Homes does not solicit or accept government funding for its operations.  The organization is solely supported by the generous contributions of churches, individuals, and corporate donors.  A child in the care of Children’s Homes stays 18 months on average.  (This number may change soon, as more and more children are staying until they turn 18.)  During their stay, they receive counseling and therapy as needed, and they develop character through a variety of programs and services.  Children’s Homes operates two farms: the Emmett Smith Memorial Farm and the William and Vacle Olive Rainbow Ranch.  On these farms, children learn to care for animals – which include horses, cattle, swine, poultry, sheep and goats.  The children show these animals at the fair and some have won ribbons.  They also have the opportunity to grow vegetables.  The Bonnie Plant Company donates a variety of plants to be raised, such as cabbage, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, and broccoli.  The children also benefit from Children’s Homes’ oversight of Crowley’s Ridge Youth Camp where they learn through high- and low-ropes courses.  Additionally, certified leaders take the children on “wilderness therapy” trips to the beautiful Buffalo River.

Mr. Michael Brinkley is Executive Director of Children’s Homes, Inc.

Both homes have the package of Bible study, schooling, work and plenty of recreation.  They don’t just sit around and watch TV.   It is a shame for a child to grow up not knowing how to work.  They have all these programs and the love and attention they deserve.                            
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