What is Families First Foundation?


              By Curtis Johnson

     1.     It is a State-Wide Ministry of the Church of Christ.
     2.     It is directed by 46 members of the Church of Christ, (Elders, Deacons, Ministers and
             Church Workers) who live  in 24 of the 75 Arkansas counties.  Bill Wheeler, Minister
              and Executive Director, has preached for 43 years, serving six different congregations.
     3.     They travel the state preaching, teaching and serving to strengthen the
21st century family.
             They are primarily an educational ministry.  During 2003 Families First made 240
             presentations including:  Sermons on Home, Family and Morals; Issues: Seminars on
             Parenting, Marriage and
Character Counts; Leadership Series: Church Growth Series and
             Gospel Meetings.
     4.     Because of external threats to the family, and because Christians should be the “
salt and
”, which penetrates and illuminates our suffering society, they also serve Arkansas
              congregations and families as a
  Lobbyist with the Arkansas Legislature.  Their
              testimonies before
legislative committees present state lawmakers with a Christian
              perspective on  vital family issues.  During the recent 84th General Assembly, God was
              victorious with 16 of 21 family bills which
included issues of the homosexual
              agenda, alcohol, abortion, video
, gambling, hate crimes, and lottery.  

"Their cause is your family."

Family First Foundation
, P. O. Box 1081,  307 Judge Smith Drive, Marion, AR 72364
Phone 870-739-5288