Morrilton, Arkansas

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By: Billy and Vera King

Southern Christian Home, a mission work of the churches of Christ, has existed since 1926, originating in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and  later moving to Morrilton, Arkansas, in 1936.


Southern Christian Home is a children’s home that cares for school age children through high school.  Typically, the children are neglected and abused physically, sexually and emotionally. Children are taken into the program with the initial intentions to provide them with the spiritual nurture they deserve.  As they receive this nurture, they are provided the food, shelter and love they have lacked.  Many of these children usually become missionaries after obeying the Gospel.  Dedication of the house parents are the main reason the needs of the children successfully met.




Southern Christian Home was founded in 1926.  Mrs. W. T. Bush had contact with two homeless children.  She took them to James E. Laird, minister of the Church of Christ in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  They were placed with Mrs. Bush in a private home.  This effort eventually became Arkansas Christian Home.  Its name was later changed to Arkansas-Oklahoma Christian Home.  The children’s home moved to its present location in Morrilton, the former Harding College campus, in 1936.  At that time the name was changed to Southern Christian Home to reflect a broader base of referral.


One of their goals was to act on behalf of orphaned, neglected and dependent children and continues to pursue this purpose.  Southern Christian Home is licensed by the State of Arkansas as a Residential Child-Care Facility and as a Child Placement Agency.  Its intentions are to serve families by providing a safe place for neglected, abused and dependent children when they need to be placed out of the parent’s home.


Southern Christian Home is committed to the belief that no children should be placed unnecessarily out of their home.  There does come a point when a child may need placement where they can be safe and have their needs met.  These children may also need to learn to have healthy interpersonal relationships with their own families as well as substitute caregivers.  Southern Christian Home understands those needs may be met in the more structured environment of our residential facility.




Southern Christian Home’s mission is to glorify God by providing services that meet children’s physical, moral, mental and social needs, and spiritual needs based on biblical truths and principles.