By: Jean Jones

The World Bible School program has been active here in the Prescott church for about 20 years.  At its inception, there were several ladies involved in the preparation and mailing of lessons to names which were supplied to us by WBS.  There is an introduction lesson, plus six other lessons which are sent to students and to be completed by them and returned for grading.  If the lessons are completed, several publications are sent to the students including: The Christian Life, The Church, and How To Become a Christian and Establish the Church of Christ in Your Community.  Throughout the years, the number of requests for lessons has drastically declined; from sometimes over 300 per month to less than 10 per month.  Emily Benton is the only person in the church continuing this good work, and she believes the high cost of postage to return the lessons from overseas is a large cause for the lack of requests for lessons.