(In alphabetical order)

Jerry Carlew (Chairman)
    *Mona Still Medical and Dental Mission  -(Nicaragua)
    *Mike Demory and Dubuque Iowa Congregation Mission
Buddy Carter
    *Bibles for India Mission - (Peter Solomon and Paul Ranganathan)
Georgia Estes
    *Namwianga Mission Orphans' Home - Zambia Africa (Merritts)
    *Biblical Literature in Public Schools - South Africa (Kendalballs)
    *African Mission Fund - (Jerry Sullins)
Tim Estes
21st Century Christian Global Missions 
Curtis Johnson
    *Family First Foundation Mission - (Bill Wheeler)
Jean Jones
    *Ghana West Africa Water Wells Mission
    *World Bible School Correspondence Courses
Billy and Vera King
    *Children's Home Mission - (Paragould, AR)
    *Southern Christian Home Mission - (Morrilton, AR)

MISSION  MINISTRYrainbow picture

The Mission Statement
of the
Prescott Church of Christ

     "Our mission is to gather information about various Christian mission works, both home and abroad, and present them to the eldership for possible funding by the Prescott Church of Christ.
     Our job is not only to evaluate new works, but also to monitor works which we are currently supporting.  The committee is in effect the eyes and ears of the funding arm of the Church regarding missionary works.
     Our duty is also to identify and promote these various works so that all of our membership is aware of what, who, and where they are, and their capabilities."     

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open bible  "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to
    every living creature.  Whosoever believes and is
    baptized shall be saved, but whosoever does not
    believe shall be condemned."  Mark 16:15-16