The Unique Birth of Jesus
By Paul Robison

     Christ is the centerpiece of Christianity. The four gospels of the New Testament tell about His life. By looking at Jesus' world and culture, we are trying to better understand His life and ministry. Last week, we saw how His birth fulfilled Jewish prophecies. There are several other ways in which His birth was unique. First, His conception was unusual because Luke 1:35 states that the Holy Spirit caused Mary to become pregnant (Grecian mythological tales always present their births as a result of sexual unions). Secondly, Jesus was fully divine and fully human. The apostle Paul affirms: “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead [that's divinity] bodily [that's humanity]” (Colossians 2:9). Next, Jesus’ genealogy showed that, as God's offspring, He was qualified to serve as a perfect mediator. Then, Jesus was born in a unique period of history—there was a peaceful unified empire with one language, and mankind was weary of hopeless philosophies. Next, Jesus’ birth involved some interesting witnesses. After 400 years of silence on God's part, the angels sang to shepherds at Jesus' birth. An elderly man named Simeon, a prophetess named Anna, and wise men from the East all endorsed that Jesus was indeed the Messiah (see Luke 2:29-38 and Matthew 2:9-11)! Luke 1:79 shows that Jesus will guide people's feet into the way of peace. Jesus, not Caesar, will bring true peace with God to the world. Let's be awestruck—God has visited our planet! Let's be intrigued—to learn more about Jesus! Let's be joyful—One to save us has been provided!