By Jim Honea
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One of the greatest stories in the Bible is the story of Moses. Many great lessons can be learned from his leadership and dedication to the task God gave him. But one person involved in this story sometimes goes unnoticed: Aaron. Let's take a moment to look at Aaron's contribution to this story.

First, he was the answer to one of Moses' excuses. Aaron was to be the speaker of this journey. I don't know if he would be considered a magnificent speaker, but nonetheless, one who could get the job done. Secondly, he was trustworthy and obedient. God told Aaron to go to his brother. Once he met Moses, he then told Aaron what had happened with the burning bush and what God wanted him to do. Aaron agreed to go with Moses and follow God's instructions.

Aaron was supportive and always there for his brother. Take for instance, the battle at Rephiden against the Amalekites. Aaron and Hur stood one on each side in order to hold up Moses' hands to ensure victory, while the Israelites fought. Aaron was also the one chosen to be the seed of the high priest and served as the high priest.

Although many good things happened to Aaron, he was also the subject of sin. He showed his weakness of faith when he allowed the children of Israel to persuade him to build them an idol, the golden calf. He and his sister questioned God as to whether or not Moses was right in marrying a Cushite woman, and also, if he was the only one through whom God spoke. He was punished for disobeying God when he and Moses hit the rock with the staff instead of just speaking to it as God had told them. The punishment was that he would be unable to enter the land of Canaan.

Aaron also dealt with hardship and sorrow. Some Israelites questioned his position as high priest. They were disrespectful and talked about him. They tried to cause the people to no longer trust in him. Aaron's, most troubling problem he had to overcome was probably the loss of his two sons, Nadab and Abihu, who offered unauthorized fire. He was not allowed to mourn for them and had to offer proper sacrifices.

Aaron's life has a lot of similarities to ours. He was given talents by God just like we are, that God expects us to use. God wants us to teach others, be trusted to help and support our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as use any and all of our gifts. Aaron showed weaknesses that even the best of us have to deal with daily, such as our faith and lack of understanding. He had to deal with low points in his life, such as the loss of his sons due to their disobedience. We can't guarantee the future for our children, but we must teach them what is right. He had to face backbiting from his fellow countrymen who questioned his position as priest, much like those who question our beliefs as Christians.

As Christians we face many of the same accomplishments, as well as trials that Aaron faced. One lesson that should be learned is that God’s way is the only way. If we choose to do things our own way, there will be consequences to our actions. Aaron was given a home with his people because of the life which he lived. He made mistakes, but did the things necessary to be forgiven. No matter how tough life gets, make sure to remember where home is. God is there for those who need him and he is always willing to receive those wanting another chance to make their life right.