The church of Christ which has met in the East Laurel Street building for many years will meet for the first time in their new building at East Main and Third February 9. There will be the regular morning services, beginning with Sunday school at 10:00 A.M.   A special dedication service is to start at 3:00 P.M. with Jimmy Allen of Magnolia as speaker.
    The church has come a great distance in growth and time since the October Sunday in 1922 when it first met at what is now the Reeves building on West Main.  Shortly after, the small group began to assemble each Lord's day in the Court House. Finally, a dream was realized in late summer of 1923 when the building on East Laurel was completed.  From that time until the present disciples have met in this frame building each Sunday.
     The first elders were R. Seal, L. B. Jones and C. F. Newth. The first deacons were Joe Barlow and W. D. Buchanan.
     By 1928 all three elders had moved from Prescott and the congregation was without overseers

until the summer of 1934 when a meeting was conducted by Glen E. Green of Little Rock.   During this meeting J. W. Dawson and Joe Ledbetter were appointed elders.  Some time after C. F. McGuire was appointed to a like position.  These men continued in office until 1950.  The present elders are Dawson Henry, Harold Hendrix and Horace Jones.
    Among the original members were the following: Joe Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Buchanan, Mrs. Ella C. Dawson, H. H. Dawson, J. W. Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dixon, Mrs. Belle Fowler Cook, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Jones, Lloyd Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jones, Miss Ethel Jones, Mrs. G. W. Kizer, Miss Ida Kizer, Mrs. McCullough, Mr. C. F. Newth, Mr. and Mrs. Oglesby, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Osborne, Mrs. John Trevillion, Mrs. Berta Weaver, Miss Cleo Weaver, Mrs. Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. R. Seal, Mrs. L. F. Elliott, Mrs. Martha Jane Ellis, Mrs. John M. Stripling, Ellis Sudsberry and Mrs. Jewel Lavender.
     The new building at East Main and Third  is splendidly equipped to meet every need of the present

congregation.  It has an excellent central heating system and an air conditioning unit is shortly to be installed.
    The auditorium will seat over 300 persons comfortably and several ladies with small children can use the nursery at the rear.  This nursery is equipped with two baby beds and chairs; a public address system enables the occupants to hear the worship as it is conducted in the auditorium.  There are ten classrooms with ample space for all ages and also two ante-rooms to the auditorium which serve as dressing rooms.  The baptistry is large and the water is evenly heated for comfortable immersions.  The preacher's study is at the end of the educational wing on Main Street.  The number of the study phone is 333.
   The present evangelist, Martel Pace, was preceded by the following: Gilbert Copeland, H. M. Peebles, John Cannon, J. A. Copeland, Dale Richardson, Bro. Mitchell, Earl Smith and Jimmy Allen.
    The public is invited to attend all services.

(taken from the Nevada County Picayune, February 1958}

Church of Christ to Dedicate New Building
at Special Service Sunday