Prescott Church of Christ Gathering (approx. year, 1954) at the home of  Delmar and Allene Daniels.  After the "gathering" the elders met for a meeting which lasted until 2:00 a.m. the next morning.  

 From the Bottom:
 First Row (L to R):
  Clifton McGuire, Woodrow Easterling, Harold Hendrix, Ernest Hasley, Roy Peachey, Bill Bolton, Dale Richardson, (2 young boys, unknown), Reese McDougald, Dawson Henry, Cam McGuire, and Dewey Stripling
Second Row (L to R): Wilma McGuire, Willie McGuire, Gladys Easterling, (Behind Glady Easterling: Vida Stewart),   ?   Richardson, Virginia Harris, Jean Bolton, Carrie Johnson, Ernie V. Peachey, Edith Henry, Inez Hendrix, Doris McDougald, Lona Stripling, Bill Dawson, Allene Daniels
Third Row (L to R): (At the Far Right)  Albert Peachey, Delmar Daniels, Horace Jones, Ardelle Clark
Fourth Row (L to R): Ernest Howard Peachey, Mary Johnson, Curtis Johnson, James Roy Peachey
Top Row: Unknown