(of the Prescott Church of Christ)

The Church of Christ began meeting in Prescott in 1922 in the courthouse. By the spring of 1923 a new church building was constructed in the park and regular services were begun there. While there were several congregations meeting outside the city, this was the first organized effort to establish the Lord's church in the city of Prescott


original church building


   Gospel meetings were regularly held in the summers and growth was slow and gradual. Some of the names of men who were instrumental in the establishment of the church are: Will Buchanan, Tom Dixon, Herbert Dawson, Bill Dawson, J.C. Bartell, and Murray Osburn. The first Gospel Meeting was held before a building was completed in a vacant store building on Main St. Boards and blocks were borrowed from Ozan Lumber that provided the seats and kerosene lamps that were used for lights. A Bro. Murphy of Tennessee conducted that meeting. Bro. J.A. Copeland was preaching for the congregation once or twice a month and in 1927 arrangements were made for him to preach regularly. Between 1930 and mid 1950s historical information is rather sketchy.  (Listen to an interview of Tula Elliott recorded in the mid 70s by Gene Cloer, who provided much of the historical information of the establishment of the Prescott Church of Christ.)

    God blessed the church with growth and a need for a larger meeting place.  A new building was built in 1958.  To read of an archived newspaper article regarding the dedication of the new building, see dedication .

    Some of the preachers who have worked with this congregation in the past years are: Gilbert Copeland, H. Milton Peebles,  J. A. Copeland,  Dale Richardson, Bro. Mitchell, Earl Smith, Jimmy Allen, Martel Pace, Ed Smithson, Jimmy Calvert, John Cannon, Gene Cloer, (See archive on biography of Gene Cloer), Howard Horton, and Tony Hamilton, and Paul Robison.

    Currently the congregation is served by four elders:  Jim Cowart
, Fred Harris, Billy King, and Howard Taylor, and also four deacons:  Jason Bonner, Jerry Carlew, Jim Honea, and Curtis Johnson.