By Jim Honea

rainbow bar

Most of us have heard the children’s song about the two men who built two different houses. One was considered wise because he built his house on a rock, and the other was foolish because he built his house on the sand. The main thing people seem to remember concerning the message of this song is, which one had the best foundation for their house. What seems to get lost is the real message Jesus is teaching us.

Jesus wants us to hear his words and put them into practice. This is the foundation and that is what makes us wise, like a man who builds his house on a good firm rock. When we have a good foundation of God’s will, (which are things Jesus taught), we won’t be destroyed when we are hit by the storms, life sends our way.

We will, without a doubt, be tested throughout our lives with decisions. We will have to rely on our faith and our understanding of God's will to make the correct decision. The only way to be ready and able to withstand the pressures of life, is to know Jesus' teachings. Being wise means gaining knowledge and putting it into practice. The only way to obtain that knowledge is to study the Bible, take more time to KNOW the truth, and then DO IT.