By Butch Ellis

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The kidney and the Word of God, are both essential for life.

The kidney, (that small organ which works around the clock), continuously purifies and cleanses the blood in our bodies. Normally day by day, we don't think about the job our kidneys are doing. But when things go wrong, such as a kidney infection or a kidney stone, they grab our attention immediately and keep our attention until the problem is corrected. It's at times like these, we realize how important the kidneys, are for good health and for life itself.

Likewise, the Word of God has a cleansing effect upon the soul of man, but only, if we receive the Word into our lives, as James 1:21 says. When we receive the Word, that is by obedience to it, (doing what is says), we come in contact with the blood of Christ and it cleanses us from all sin. We as Christians, who continually "walk in the light", (by following the instructions of the Word of God), are continually cleansed by the blood of Christ.

The kidney and the Word of God, are both essential for life, but yet there is a great difference. The work of the kidney in our life, is only for a short season, but the work of the Word of God in our life, is everlasting. Understanding this, we, too, like the the righteous man in Psalm 1, will delight in the law (Word) of the Lord and in His law meditate day and night.

Let us commit ourselves to the Word of God and make it first priority in our lives....It's worth it !!