PROMISE KEEPERS: Is this for Christian men?
By Gene Cloer

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Almost everyone has heard or read of  "Promise Keepers". Great meetings of men have been conducted in various cities and even a meeting of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 men met in
Washington D.C. last fall. Surely some of the ideas that are promoted are good and beneficial both to the individuals, their marriages and families, and for the nation as a whole. There is a need today to emphasize male leadership, especially at a time when it seems families are disintegrating and fathers are missing or non-existent. To stress the responsibility of men is surely a noble thought. Also the aim of turning men to God, to focus on Jesus Christ is also a noble goal. I certainly applaud those efforts.

But I cannot stop at that point and suggest that if that is the case then all is well. It isn't! May I point out at least three reasons that I believe Promise Keepers to be a gathering in which true Christians cannot participate.

There are so many ways in which Christian men can and should be challenged to do that which the Bible teaches them to do that it isn't necessary to join with those who teach false doctrine that would lead others astray. Let's unite together to influence other men to allow the Bible to be rallying ground for unity and for doctrine practices.