Sunday Morning Sermons
2008 - 2013
 By Paul Robison

On this page is a listing of full sermons, preached by Paul Robison, during our Sunday morning worship services. Feel free to copy them, pass them along to others, or study them more carefully.

Paul Robison preaching

Jan 4	How to Read the Bible
Jan 11	Important Lessons from Revelation
Jan 18	Methods of Evangelism in the New Testament
Feb 1	Motivations from Mark
Feb 8	Why Are We Here?
Feb 15	The All-Sufficient Christ
Feb 22	God's Happiness
Mar 1	Following Paul's Advice to the Romans
Mar 8	Being Wise
Mar 15	Why Aren't Families Close Anymore?
Mar 22	Things Worth Striving For
Apr 5	Lessons From John
Apr 26	A Few Lessons from 3 John
May 3	Images of Christ in Hebrews
May 10	He Was But a Youth, But What a Youth He Was
May 17	Paul's work in Thessalonica
May 24	Free Will
May 31	Church Discipline
Jun 7	Biblical Meditation
Jun 14	Paul's Teaching on the Resurrection
Jun 21	Being A Simple Disciple
Jun 28	Our Spiritual Heritage in 1 John
Jul 5	Spiritual Solitude
Jul 19	Collection and Lord's Supper Explained
Jul 26	Reasons to Rejoice from Luke
Aug 2	Closing Words of Galatians
Aug 9	Biblical Submission
Aug 16	Divine Salvation
Aug 23	Living in Harmony
Aug 30	Peter's Defense on Jesus' Second Coming
Sep 6	The Ideal Church in 2 Corinthians
Sep 20	Philippians: The Epistle of Joy
Sep 27	Images in 2 Timothy
Oct 4	Roles in Philemon
Oct 11	Jesus: The Master Teacher (1)
Oct 18	Important Teachings on Acts
Oct 25	Jesus: The Master Teacher (2)
Nov 1	The Thief of Covetousness
Nov 8	Waging a Good Warfare
Nov 15	Ready For Good Works
Dec 13	Examples and Experiences of Good Works

Jan 2	Let's Make Our Hearts Strong
Jan 9	Let's Be Ablaze!
Jan 16	Don't Let Satan Take Advantage of You!
Jan 30	Prepare For Worship
Feb 6	Make the Most of Our Bible Classes
Feb 13	Be Mature
Feb 20	Be A Surrendered Church !
Feb 27	Be A Pure Church !
Mar 6	Be A Spiritual Church !
Mar 13	Be A Moral Church !
Mar 20	Be Spiritual In Your Relationships!
Apr 3	Be Sensitive to Other Members
Apr 10	Give it Up To Live It Up!
Apr 17	Make Jesus Your Master
Apr 24	Look Closely at the Gospel
May 1	Listen to what Jesus Says about His Church
May 15	Imitate Daniel
May 22	Obtain Your Salvation Today !
May 29	Prepare for Jesus' Coming !
Jun 5	Practice These Important Commands
Jun 12	Keep Respect in Worship
Jun 19	Be A Unified Church
Jun 26	Be A Loving Church
Jul 3	Be Devoted to God Like Jesus !
Jul 10	Be Humble Like Jesus !
Jul 17	Be Courageous Like Jesus !
Aug 7	Exalt the Scriptures lIke Jesus !
Aug 14	Be A Worshipful Church !
Aug 21	Be A Peaceful Church !
Aug 29	Be A Faithful Church !
Sep 4	Be A Serious Church !
Sep 11	Follow the Cornelius' Model
Sep 18	Be A Steadfast Church !
Oct 2	Be An Industrious Church!
Oct 9	Be A Generous Church !
Oct 16	Focus On Relationships!
Oct 30	Look Carefully !
Nov 6	Towards Vision
Nov 13	Be A Healthy Church !
Nov 20	What Will You Do With Jesus?
Nov 27	The Day Jesus Rose From the Dead
Dec 11	Dealing With Members
Dec 18	Reminding All Members

Jan 6	Keep on Course 
Jan13	The Sinister Occult
Jan 20	God's Desires for Children of the Old Testament
Jan 27	Showing Brotherly Love
Feb 3	Important Responses     
Feb 10	Pornography's Curse
Feb 17	Jesus' Desire for Children
Feb 24	They All Began to Make Excuses
Mar 3	Truths About the Gospel
Mar 10	The Humility of Jesus
Mar 17	Children in New Testament Letters
Mar 24	Three Important Questions
Mar 31	The Resurrection
Apr 14	A Powerful Prayer For A Young Church
Apr 21	Developing Discernment and Compassion
Apr 28	Humility in the New Testament
May 5	His Garment (Part 1)
May 12	Honor To Whom Honor Is Due
May 19	God's Great Actions
May 26	Sayings of the Humble
Jun 2	His Garment (Part 2)
Jun 9	What Should We Leave Our Children?
Jun 16	Praiseworthy Actions
Jun 23	Jesus Is the Supreme Lord
Jun 30	Invitations
Jul 7	Encounters With Jesus (Part 1)
Jul 14	Encounters with Jesus (Part 2)
Jul 21	Encounters with Jesus (Part 3)
Jul 28	The Day the Books Were Opened
***Paul Robison took another job in Texas and 
                     his sermons stop at this point***
Jan 6	The Final Judgment
Jan 13	Hell
Jan 20	Heaven
Jan 27	Hades and Purgatory
Feb 3	The Uniqueness of Jesus' Ministry
Feb 10	Enhancing Our Unity
Feb 17	Inadequate Modern Gods
Feb 24	Fearing God
Mar 2	Developing Righteousness (1)
Mar 9	Uniqueness Of Jesus' Death, Resurrection & Ascension
Mar 16	Imitating the Apostle Paul
Mar 23	A Dozen Proofs For God's Existence
Mar 30	Christian Worship
Apr 14	Developing Righteousness (2)
Apr 20	Uniqueness of Jesus' On-Going Ministry
Apr 27	Realities of the Christian Race
May 4	Revelation and Inspiration
May 11	Great Mottos of the Restorationists-Then and Now
May 18	Developing Righteousness (3)
May 25	Good Congregational Practices (1)
Jun 1	Biblical Miracles
Jun 8	The Greatest Commands
Jun 15	Good Congregational Practices (2)
Jun 21	Satan in the New Testament
Jun 28	The Sermon on the Mount (1)
Jul 13	Let's Get Involved
Jul 20	The Formation and Revelation of the Bible
Jul 27	The Sermon on the Mount (2)
Aug 3	Christian Liberty
Aug 24	Friendship in the Bible (1)
Aug 31	The Sermon on the Mount (3)
Sep 7	Genesis 1
Sep 14	A Dozen Good Elements for a Good Marriage
Sep 21	The Sermon on the Mount (4)
Oct 5	Examining the Origins Controversy (1)
Oct 12	Friendship in the Bible (2)
Oct 19	The Sermon on the Mount (5)
Oct 26	Friendship in the Bible (3)
Nov 2	Stewardship (1) - A Good Steward
Nov 9	Stewardship (2) - Bad Stewards
Nov 16	Stewardship (3) - Extravagant Stewards
Nov 23	Stewardship (4)
Nov 30	God's Photo Album
Dec 7	Jesus is Lord
Dec 14	Discipleship (1)
Dec 21	Discipleship (2)
Dec 28	ABC's of Real Living

Jan 3	Some Resolutions for 2010
Jan 10	Some More Resolutions for 2010
Jan 17	The Messiah in the Psalms
Jan 24	Some Suggestions for Reading the Psalms
Jan 31	Growing in Gratitude (1)
Feb 7	Exodus: The Shadow of the Reality to Come
Feb 14	Important Challenges from Micah
Feb 21	Important Truths from Hosea
Feb 24	Wonderful Revelations About God in Jonah
Mar 13	King Hezekiah-Wasted Years
Mar 21	Inspiring Instructions from Zechariah
Mar 28	Remarkable Declarations from Haggai	
Apr 4	Biblical Joy
Apr 11	Practices of Purity in Job
Apr 18	Sins of Kings in 1 Kings
Apr 25	God in Daniel
May 2	Great Truths from Genesis
May 9	Moral Consequences of Apostasy
May 16	Seven Keys to Living
May 23	Let's Pray Like Paul
Jun 6	Living Up To Our Calling
Jun 13	Interesting Descriptions for Church Members
Jun 20	Huge Contrasts in Christ
Jun 27	Christian Living
Jul 4	Living in Christ's Light
Jul 11	"The Disciple's Life"
Jul 18	Disciples' Practices (1)
Jul 29	Disciples' Practices (2)
Aug 1	Disciples' Practices (3)
Aug 8	Disciples' Practices (4)
Aug 15	Disciples' Practices (5)
Aug 23	Living in Christ's Wisdom
Aug 30	Christian Homes
Sep 5	Christian Reciprocal Relationships
Sep 12	Christian Warfare
Sep 26	Instrumental Music in Worship
Oct 3	Most Holy Faith
Oct 10	The Elders
Oct 17	Baptism: A Believer's Wedding Ceremony
Oct 24	Purposes of Baptism
Nov 7	1 Corinthians Introduction
Nov 14	Proper Focus
Nov 28	Will a Man Rob God?
Dec 5	Interesting Contrasts
Dec 12	Important Imperatives for Christians
Dec 19	Important Realizations

Jan 1	We Want To Go To Heaven
Jan 8	Open Our Eyes That We May See
Jan 15	Taking Him and Transforming You
Jan 22	The Three Appearances
Jan 29	Chaos in the Church
Feb 5	"Praise Him! Praise Him!"
Feb 12	Waging Our Good Warfare
Feb 19	Combating With A Christian Lifestyle
Feb 26	Women's Liberation or Paul's Inspiration?
Mar 4	The Blessing of Resurrection
Mar 11	Judgment Day
Mar 25	Exhort One Another
Apr 1	Good Church Leadership
Apr 8	Strengthen the Church
Apr 15	These Things Command and Teach
Apr 22	More Commands to Practice
Apr 29	Working With Other Members
May 6	Did Jesus Die in Vain?
May 13	How To Know If You and Your Congregation Are Dying
May 20	"Don't Lose Your 'Bearings'!"
May 27	Christ Above All !
Jun 3	Developing Spiritual Strength
Jun 10	Fleeing and Pursuing
Jun 17	Developing Spiritual Stamina
Jun 24	Look Who Is On Our Side
Jul 1	Developing Spiritual Riches
Jul 8	Confronting the Big Picture with Three Actions
Jul 15	Relationships of Baptism
Jul 22	Covetousness
Jul 29	An Analysis of the New Testament
Aug 5	Be A Blessing To Your Congregation !
Aug 12	Some Commands for Timothy and All Christians
Aug 19	Practical Ways for Working Together
Sep 2	A Call To Persecution
Sep 23	The Faithful Men and Other Members
Sep 30	Our Sacrifices
Oct 7	Your Battles and the Walls of Jericho
Oct 14	The Salvation of the Soul
Oct 21	The Importance of the Lord's Supper
Oct 28	Your Soul
Nov 4	How To Be An Effective Heretic
Nov 11	Look Backward, Think Forward, and Hold Steady
Nov 18	The Greatness of Scriptures
Nov 25	Press On !
Dec 2	How To Die Without Fear
Dec 9	Maturing Through Fellowship
Dec 16	Our Caring Lord