By Howard Ellis

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What are some of the values of the printed page?

  1. When truth is properly presented on the printed page, it never changes. It will not become discouraged, lose its temper, be fearful, become feeble with age, or die with its author. Someone has pointed out the printed page never flinches; never shows cowardice; never is tempted to compromise; never tires; nor never grows disheartened. It travels cheaply. It works while we sleep.

  2. It can go where the author cannot. It may be read in homes, who would not invite a teacher. It can go to distant countries for a few cents.

  3. You and I can only be in one place at a time, but the product of the pen can go to thousands of places in one mailing.

You and I can share a little tract with someone. The power of the printed page can be utilized by all of us. In Matt. 25:14-30, the parable of the talents proves that we are not excused. It is just as important that the one talent man be faithful in what he has, as the five talent man be faithful with what he has. Furthermore, if one is not willing to do what he can do, such as sharing tracts, why should the Lord waste even greater opportunities on him? By sharing a tract, who knows --- you or I may be the Andrew who brings another Simon Peter to the Lord.