By Perry Nelson

rainbow bar

Water is a wonderful thing. We see it everywhere. We see it in streams and are entranced by its beauty and calmed by its crystal clear currents rippling over rocks in the stream bed. We are lulled to sleep by the sound of rain falling on our roofs. Our senses are refreshed by the new clean smell after a spring rain. We cool our drinks with ice for refreshment. We brew coffee with water every morning to get going. Cleaning is accomplished with water and soap.

Water is the most abundant resource on the earth. It is everywhere: overhead, underground, in the air surrounding us. It is essential for life. Nature gives us all forms of water: rain, sleet, hail, snow, icebergs, glaciers, steam geysers, fog, clouds, oceans, rivers and lakes.

Christ, when he established His church, specified something that would cleanse sins and gain addition to the church--the church established by his shed blood. After a sinner is cleansed and added to Christ's church, he is given the promise of eternal life in the presence of God. What was specified by Christ to enable us to gain the promise of eternal, which is the most valuable thing a person can have? Is it something we must work for all our life to get? Is it something we must purchase at a great price? Is it something very rare and difficult to find?

It is water - - the most abundant resource - - easy to find and available to everyone -- the substance of life. Christ made it easy to be cleansed of sins and added to the church. He chose baptism. Repent and be immersed in water. He didn't specify something available to only a few or something available to only the rich. He just specified water, essential for life - - both physical and spiritual. We bathe our bodies with water daily to be clean. We repent and immerse our body once in baptism to be cleansed of our sins and added to the family of God. Water, truly, is a wonderful thing. The wisdom of the Lord is above all. Praise the Lord.